Utrecht Museums: welke vrede? (what treaty?)

In addition to Call of the Mall, many other interesting exhibitions are on display in the city. There are no fewer than ten museums within walking distance from the station. In 2013 Utrecht celebrates the Treaty of Utrecht. But what treaty was that actually? Who signed a peace treaty with who and why? The Utrecht museums provide the answer. For a whole year they tell the Story of the Treaty of Utrecht with exhibitions and activities. For anyone who wants to know the meaning of peace, both then and now. Ask for the programme with the historical story at the museums. 
The Museums are:
Aboriginal Art Museum, museum of contemporary aboriginal art
Centraal Museum
dick bruna huis
Het Utrechts Archief
Museum Catharijneconvent
Museum Speelklok
Sonnenborgh, museum & sterrenwacht
Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht   

Filip Berte: House of Eutopia
From 25 July 2013 in Zijdebalen Theater, Zeedijk 6, Utrecht. 
Filip Berte: ‘I want the visitor to allow reality to enter.’ Filip Berte from Gent (architect, visual artist) came up with the idea for House of Eutopia. He has been working on this project at Kunstencentrum CAMPO since 2006 and in recent years parts or ‘rooms’ of the House of Eutopia have been shown at various locations. The complete ‘House’ is on display in Utrecht from 25 July 2013. The theme is the fact and fable and the (shared) history of Europe. Read more here.

Ruilen met Robinson (Swapping with Robinson), last 3 weekends in August
Ruilen met Robinson is an initiative of artist Pet van de Luijtgaarden. It is an exchange mart that focuses on the themes of clothing & accessories, toys/books/LPs/CDs and art & design. This exchange mart takes place in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht in last three weekends in August.
Immediately upon entering you see Robinson’s large ‘exchange-island’, where you can admire artworks such as a cuddly sofa, cuddly trees, birds made of lighters, a bottle cap chair, a Barbie hut and many more. You walk across the bridge to the island surrounded by a sea of CDs. Behind the island stands the longest cabinet in the world, which contains the items that can be exchanged.
The idea behind Ruilen met Robinson is to give nostalgic items a new lease of life and provide the visitors with new insights concerning the value of things. Money doesn’t exist on Robinson’s ‘exchange-island’; transactions can only take place by means of exchange.
Come to the exchange mart in the Jaarbeurs on 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 August or 1 September, bring items along to exchange and see how wondrous nostalgic items can be. www.ruilenmetrobinson.nl