The Studio

Do it yourself

Continuous, free programme

After seeing all the artworks, you can get to work yourself in our Studio. The Studio – a concept of the Centraal Museum – stands on the Jaarbeursplein and is intended for young and old alike. Inside there are tables with all kinds of materials for you to work with. Try to capture your idea about Hoog Catharijne in a Catharijne peepbox (a sort of show-box) or in a pinhole photograph. A pinhole photograph is a photo made with a camera that has no lens. A long exposure time is needed and this gives the photographs a great deal of depth and an alienating effect. Participation in both these activities is free. To make a pinhole camera you must be at least 14 years old. You can see an example of a pinhole photograph below.

Other offers

Families visiting Call of the Mall can collect a special shopping bag from The Studio or the information desk. This contains a variety of objects with which Hoog Catharijne can be viewed and investigated more thoroughly, such as a special magnifying glass. The shopping bag costs 5 euro and is for children between 5 and 12 years of age.

Call of the Mall also offers various guided tours. Click here for the programme.

The Studio is a concept of the Centraal Museum and is organized in collaboration with the museum.


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